The Babadook is a thrilling 2014 release and features spooky fairy tale visuals besides a truly spooky plot. The Babadook appears in the form of a children’s book in a little boy’s room. His mother has no idea where the book comes from and despite not knowing the content she decides to read it to her son before sending him to bed. Its a frustrating story about a cruel being with long fingers and a hat- all in black – who hides in your closet or under the bed to get you. And he will get you.

My Two Cents

The very classical horror elements of Babadook are combined with a psycho-thrilling journey through social pressure that eventually lead to mental illness. Rather than ‘showing’ the Babadook (which happens sometimes, but in a rather discrete manner) the spooky moments happen at the ‘non showing’ but the certainty that there is another presence in the room with you. The plot evolving can be read as a 21st century female struggle: a single mother between work, home, society and self-realisation meets the demons her son/she creates – and amplifies them by denial.

The end is sudden – and surprising.

Highlights: visuals, plot, female struggle, ending
Negative Aspects: plot can be confusing

8 out of 10 stab wounds