This piece of Austrian Horror/Science Fiction Movie deals with two young journalists – one writer, one tech-geeky film enthusiast – who get the assignment to interview the mysterious Echsenfriedl in the “Megacity Schwechat”. Among adepts, he is known as a mastermind of new technology and progress in communication but noone has really met him. Of course, the corrupt newspaper publisher who sends our two hero journalists on a dangerous journey has an evil plan in mind…

My Two Cents

The movie is not exclusively created for an Austrian audience, as it is available in English (and/or with subtitles as the Styrian accent highly exaggerated 🙂 – but some cultural references might be funnier to those familiar with the “Kronen Zeitung” or Austrian politicians. The movie is a great, “low” – or rather “no budget” project (about 5000€ made the whole movie) – don’t expect too much effort on the special effects or costumes and be open for an absurd plot.

Also, it was part of the Slash film festival 2014. More info here:

Highlights: Speakers of “reformed styrian”, Plot
Negative Aspects: Musical elements are really bad (but that’s on purpose, I guess),

7 out of 10 stab wounds