TBH, I got interested in this movie because Rose Leslie, the “yu nou nufin’ John Snou”-GOT-Wildling, is the main protagonist. Also, it was part of the “Slash Film Festival 2014” in Vienna and listed in the Top 3 Movies.

The film starts as I love it in Horror Movies: Everything is as normal and idyllic as it gets – and a just married couple spends their Honeymoon in a cabin in the woods – predestined to end in some gruesome horror! Everything is fine and sexy in the first minutes, soon things turn dark. Bea (Rose Leslie) sleepwalks and is found by her husband somewhere in the woods – naked and oblivious of what happened to her. At home she ensures everything’s just fine. She starts to prepare breakfast but doesn’t notice she’s burning the toast and forgot to brew the coffee. Soon she forgets everything else too – who she is and also what she is…

My Two Cents

The movie has a classical plot – which I like a lot – but in the end it’s very predictable and has a typical view on the “mysterious” female body. Anyway, the illustration of the evil is well done and it has got more of a psycho thriller mood than slasher horror elements.


Highlights: classical plot, cabin in the woods, imagery, Rose Leslie
Negative aspects: Male gaze on the female body (the mysterious, the evil), rather open ending (quite unsatisfactory)

7 out of 10 stab wounds