Before PA 5 will be release by the end of 2014, a movie based on the Paranormal Activity Sequel was released. “The Marked Ones” presents the witchcraft and sorcery-setting not in a white, American middle class nuclear family but in the context of Latin American youngsters who start playing with the evil.

My Two Cents

The plot is slightly different and spicier than the PA 1-4 . For example, not a Ouija Board is used to communicate with the spirit but a children’s toy, which brings unpleasantly funny moments into the spooky story. Also, showing kids dealing with sudden appearances and unusual things happening (which is very different than that of the young parents or adults in the other movies) is a nice way approaching this kind of horror. The first 2/3s of the movie are great, the rest a bit boring.

Highlights: Funny Youngster
Negative Aspects: At a certain point it becomes predictable


4 out of 10 stab wounds