Italian Horror.

A young, beautiful and ambitious ballet student arrives in Germany and is excited about her stay at a prestigious dance academy. When she gets there she is rejected and has to spend the night somewhere in town. Leaving the academy behind, a frightened young woman runs out of the big old building and is found dead later that night. When the American girl comes back to the academy and finally may enter, she is not so sure if that really was a good idea. Strange things start to happen and maggots are falling from the ceiling. It does not take her long to find out about the witchery and sorcery’s foul play in the dance academy.

My Two Cents

The 70s atmosphere of the movie and the setting in an old building with wooden furniture are pure eye candy for the retro lovers. Moreover, the movie features a wonderful Soundtrack of the Italian progrockers GOBLIN (who composed the music in collaboration with the director Dario Argento).

Highlights: Soundtrack, 70s Setting,
Negative Aspects: last chapter of the movie,

6 out of 10 stab wounds

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