The Purge (2013)

The year 2022. The world is finally a better place. And everything thanks to that one night a year, where crime is not only permitted, but encouraged. “Carthasis” is the keyword and everyone’s supposed to cleanse themselves by slaughtering and torturing whoever comes their way. The remaining 364 days of the year can be lived in quiet and peaceful bliss.

My two Cents

The political tactic behind “The Purge” seems like the idea of fighting fire with fire. While legalizing and decriminalising might be THE solution in some matters, it definitely is not for murder. In fact, it does not help equality in society but the complete opposite. The opening of the movie already shows, that the idea is a neoliberal one – everyone who has enough money to protect themselves does so. The poor can neither afford weapons nor a place to hide. So how should killing the poor help to “cleanse” us from our sins? The concept of “carthasis” through e.g. media-consuption, ego-shooters … has been refuted many times in the past. In fact, allegedly carthatic excercises can help to increase to level of aggression in a person. Also the main characters in the movie experience this switch in personality – several times throughout the movie – which makes it interesting from a personal and political point of view.

Highlights: Rich Kids, Masks, Cersei Lannister,

7 out of 10 stab wounds

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To be continued…

The Purge 2

The Purge 3 – Election Year

5 out of 10 stab wounds