What sounds like a typical young-woman-in-distress-horror-story turns out to be a quite unusual movie with a feminist agenda. The scene is set in a fictive, current day Iran – where rich women take X to party and poor men turn to heroin to cope with everyday life.

The story revolves around the dark underground of “Bad City” (a no good town – goes without saying) and focuses on the women in black. The mysterious girl, whose clothing is rather a cloak than a chador, strolls through the night (sometimes using a Skateboard she snitched from a young boy, threatening to haunt him if he’s bad) and murders drug dealers, addicts or simply bad people on her way. But not out of vengeance or out of delight – but simply because that’s what vampires do.

Yes, the Iranian girl is a creature of the night and when she one day meets the young man Arash – dressed as Dracula for a costume party – they fall in love, but cannot quite find to each other, it seems. Music plays an important role in their relation – they hardly talk to each other but rather communicate via music. When the nameless Vampire girl puts White Lies’ “Death” on her record player both seem to have found a safe haven in their messed up lives – if only for one moment.

My Two Cents

Overall, the black and white movie focuses rather on showing then telling and offers a refreshing 21 century Vampire short-story. The film has everything for a cosy night in front of the screen: Unusual love, bad people who get what they deserve and look! – there’s a cat in the car!!

8 out of 10 stab wounds