Ever since I saw the poster of this movie in August somewhere in Nizza (oh, sweet summernights by the beach), I wanted to get a hold of this piece of celluloid. The religious-mysticism of the title and the blood red poster with the upside down Eiffel Tower promised a thrilling plot.

As exited as I was, the movie started off nicely for me. The highly talented and enthusiastic scientist Scarlet follows the path of her dead father and seeks to uncover he mysteries of ancient times. Her way leads her from Iran to Paris, where she offers her insights to a bunch of graffiti-spraying catacomb adventurers who take her to the Paris underground to find a promised treasure and, of course, the philosopher’s stone (which creates a kind of “Indiana Jones”- feeling in the beginning).

In the dungeon the team has to face their fears and revisit parts of their life they successfully managed to suppress.

Highlights: Catacombs, gloomy atmosphere, narrow tunnels 100 metres under the surface
Negative Aspects: flat metaphors

6 out of 10 stab wounds