The plot takes us back to the Black Hills Forest where we’ve already seen teenagers cry, scream and disappear. While the story promises to repeat itself, the circumstances are refreshingly different.

We’re now following the footsteps of Generation Y twenty-somethings – online, hip and digital native. Technology seems to be the key in finding the witch and solving the riddle of the missing sister. Equipped with drones, GPS, in-ear camera devices and all kinds of smart stuff the crew is certain that their destiny won’t be that of their fellow witch hunters from the 90s (see Blair Witch Project).

Between remake and sequel, Blair Witch (2016) combines nostalgic allusions (who remembers the selfie-snot shot?), new kinds of sorcery and a great witch (yes, this time you actually see her!). Let’s forget there ever was a “Blair Witch Project 2” (Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2) and put these two as the found-footage flagships they are into your horror shelf.

Highlights: The Witch, twenty-somethings getting killed, drones,

7 out of 10 stab wounds