Job Offer: Hand-held camera operator, Qualification: Friendly Face, Time Frame: 8h, Wage: 1000$.

Would you take the job? Well, Aaron would and he drives to the mountain lodge of his new employer to walk home with one grand in his pocket. In the middle of the woods he meets Joseph who makes a friendly first impression but seems a little bit off. And here is why: Joseph explains his intentions of making a video for his unborn child before he dies of his brain tumour. In need for cash, Aaron starts shooting right away. What starts as harmless home-video with a touching background develops into a scary farce and when Aaron finally arrives home again he is terrified. And that for a good reason.

My two cents

Creep develops a classic psycho motif by depicting the relationship between two protagonists. In fact, they are the only ones to be seen on screen during the whole movie. This is exactly what makes it an interesting watch. The storyline focuses exclusively on the present (which is more or less required by the hand-held camera style) and there are (close to) no background stories of the protagonists and no solutions or reasons given for anything. Onlookers will soon realise that they can’t trust what they hear and will quarrel with themselves about how they would have reacted instead of Aaron.

7 out of 10 stab wounds