Young boy stalks girl, boy gets house arrest with ankle monitor and goes crazy. Or does he? This is basically the story of this American Horror Movie. Between smuggled in mobile devices and retro-video games Daniel has to survive a full summer in a house that has everything – pool, garden, a lot of space, and a ghost, obviously. When the harassed girl shoots herself while skyping with Daniel, she only does it to be able to come back to haunt him – the mysterious way (including spooky Necronomicon Sigils and Latin curses). Together with his two best friends and some cheesy websites about “10 ways to succeed with necromancy” Daniel tries to defeat the ghost he called.

My Two Cents

The movie has several issues that makes the viewer wonder. Why is an underaged wanna-be-hacker allowed to stay home alone with an ankle monitor (his parents are not around, neither do they call in)? Why would a girl commit suicide just to haunt some skinny schoolboy? I haven’t figured that out and having watched the movie, I don’t really care. While the plot could have lead to an interesting outcome, the longed for twist came with a good long yawn.


Also the actors could not be more boring. Facial expressions that only a Kristen Steward could display and dialogues as unreal as Daniel’s Hacking Skills. I, personally, liked the Sigils and the Necronomicon allusions but in a movie like this, they seem as pathetic as a Slayer T-shirt at H&M.

Highlights: some interesting point-of-view camera-shots (e.g. when Daniel is viewed through the backrest of a chair creating a scene of sitting behind bars)

Negative Aspects: Actors, plot, the flag outside Daniel’s house the seems to scream U.S.A-U.S.A-U.S.A, all the time..

1 out of 10 stab wounds