This is the kind of movie that makes you come a little: Deathgasm. Three alienated high school students and a brütal as fuck metalhead start a band somewhere in New Zealand. In the centre of attention is young and misunderstood Brodie who has to move in with the fundamentalist Christian family of his uncle after his parents die.

“My friends are losers, so we started a band”.

Brodie meets metalhead Zakk in the local record store who drags him to a sudden break-in into a Metal-legend’s house. There they find and steal some fateful sheet music that, of course, wakes demons from the deepest abyss when played – which they do. The rest of the movie should be quite straight forward – there is a heart to be won and evil to be defeated.

My Two Cents

This movie will warm the hearts of metalheads and horror geeks alike. Its ironic character is multi layered and makes you chuckle for many reasons: be it for the corpse-paint video shoot in the woods (lets be honest, which Metalhead hasn’t tried something like that in their younger years?), the fact that he has to look up “Daemonia” in order to get the English translation for the Latin word, appropriating sex toys as weapons against demons or simply the recurring true-metal visions of playing the axe on the top of a mountain. Think every cheap metal cliché, think Deathgasm.

All in all, the plot is pretty dumb, the characters are naive and the riffs are poor, which makes it either a brutally epic horror comedy or a hysterical splatter.

Highlights: Emperor soundtrack, Dildo fight, tuning the guitar in the most inconvenient moment

8 out of 10 stab wounds