This movie has gained international attention at the Venice Film Festival and premièred in Austria on 9 January 2014. After Austrian Horror such as “In 3 Tagen bist du tot 1+2” or the brilliant Austrian/German cooperation “Blutgletscher” and the thrilling movie trailer, expectations were high.

The movie starts in an idyllic setting, somewhere in Lower Austria where a TV host lives with her twin sons. After a plastic surgery she arrives at home with her face all wrapped in gaze (which gives her the creepy look of a nurse in Silent Hill). Soon the boys notice that something’s wrong with mother – or is it still their mother? They don’t feel safe anymore in their home and the woman in the house starts to treat them harshly.

Just when you think you’ve figured out the good/bad distribution among the characters everything switches around and the seemingly evil becomes the haunted. The boys strap her to the bed, torture her and want to find out “You are not our mother. What did you do to our mother?”

My Two Cents

The cruelty of kids so young (around 8 years) is almost unbearable and also the outcomes are not easy to watch on screen. In the end there is a clever twist (which one could have spotted or at least guessed if paying attention to the very beginning of the movie) and with the uncanny song that guides the whole movie “Weißt du wieviel Sternlein stehen?” the last scene leaves open many, many questions.

Highlights: idyllic nature, actors of the twin brother, the apperance of the authentic “Red Cross”-team (hilarious!)
Negative Aspects: Leaves open many questions, torture scenes have their lengths,

4 out of 10 stab wounds