How do you call paranoia that’s not imaginary but actually very real – at least to you? You call “It Follows” and make it an outside-the-box Horror Movie. It’s a story about a special kind of STD – if you sleep with the wrong person, you’re followed by a being that can transform into anything. This “thing” might be slow – but when it gets you, you’re as good as dead (Death by SnuSnu – as it seems in one scene). The only way to free yourself from the creepy apparition at your heels is to have sex with another poor soul and thereby pass on the curse. BUT: If that person gets killed, you’re next in line again – all the way down to, yes – who knows – maybe the end of humanity.

My Two Cents

All those little details of the ghosts terms and conditions are not really clear, neither to the protagonists nor to the viewer and the whole movie remains a bit of an enigma. It might sound like one of those Christian “Sex is the Devil”-Horror movies of the 80s but actually it rather explores the human nature and lets you wonder whether you can accept consciously hurting others to save yourself. There’s a lot more to the movie and many of the events are open for various interpretations – so I’ll leave it at that.

While other movies work with a lot of noise and loudness during the creepiest scenes “It follows” often uses silence to create suspense. Anyhow, the soundtrack – a mix of Carpenter’s Classics, Sci-Fi futuristics and electronic goosebumps-enhancing minor scales – is outstanding and ties you even closer to the storyline.

Highlights: Soundtrack, unsolved story,

Keywords: Paranoia, following, haunting, teen horror

9 out of 10 stab wounds