A Yuppie couple who lost all their money flees from Big Apple to a lonely Island. Leaving everything behind – the city, Jessica’s mental illness and money issues. Together with a friend who shall help them cultivate the orchard, they want to start over at an abandoned piece of land. To get there they have to cross a mysterious lake and meet some of the quirky townspeople on the other side. When they finally arrive at their new house they find it inhabited. A beautiful red-haired lady claims to be a squatter and offers to leave right away. Good-hearted Jessica asks her to stay and has no clue what she let herself in for…

My Two Cents

This is a real gem in yesteryear’s Horror genre. The hustle of the city is contrasted with the sublime of nature – a motif that appears in different forms throughout the story. While the characters agree that the unspoiled countryside is much better than city life – one cannot be sure if it applies here. In fact, it is a very American view on nature as ,e.g., their friend constantly treats the apple-trees with poison and big American cars roam the neighbourhood of the small island. Then again, this just highlights the absurdity of the allegedly safe heaven in the middle of nowhere, where strange things start to happen, including vampires, lost brides and bodies in the lake.

Dating back to the early 70s, this movie rather works through telling then showing. The soft whispers only Jessica can hear are either a mental illness awakening, or the voice from another sphere. There is not a lot of blood spilled but it the end, one cannot be sure to trust what’s to be seen on screen – or whether the story was only born in Jessica’s mind.

The title, on the other hand, in kind of misleading. It implies a “us” that aims to “scare” Jessica – which in my opinion is just the wrong way to describe what going on in the movie.

Highlights: Music, Actors, 70s moustaches

7 out of 10 stab wounds