Did you know about the parallels between sex and fly fishing? I didn’t either. But ever since the Hannibal series, I wanted to learn something about the curious hobby. Is it more about the experience of getting up early, standing over knee in cold water or just about killing fish for fun? But I didn’t really care to follow up on that topic. Then came Nymph()maniac.

The movie from Danish Dogma 95-director Lars von Trier – actually movies because there is pt.1 and pt.2 – has been quite some time in cinema before I got a chance to watch it. But as a huge fan of von Trier I needed the right setting to get into the mood (his movies are nothing for just a nice popcorn-and-wine evening – so be sure to be prepared).

Charlotte Gainsbourg. The actress – who to me is currently one of the most beautiful talents on screen – plays her part convincingly and guides the plot by narrating her career as a sex addict to the old, seemingly kind man with the name “Seligman”. Only rarely Seligman – who at the beginning found Joe (Gainsbourg) lying beaten up in the streets and brought her to his home to rest – steps into the elusive narrative of the career of the Nymphomaniac and compares it to – you can guess it – fly fishing. “It’s like fishing, either they all bite, or none bites,” he comments the story of a sexual competition between Joe and her friend that was all about: who gets the most men on a train to have sex with them. The stories are full of unbelievable tracks – but seem very realistic on the other hand.
My Two Cents

Although watching pt.1 and pt.2 takes about three hours or more – it’s worth watching them in one go. Pt. 2 ties on the end of pt.1 and the narrative continues just where it stopped. While part 1 was more about exploring and finding out new things and obsessions in life, part 2 is the much darker and cruel one (and there is one very close reference to the 2009 von Trier movie Antichrist – if you’ve seen it you will spot it!). Without giving away too much – it can be said that the dramatic twist at the end of the movie makes you angry, makes you feel betrayed and lets you reconsider who to trust in life. Just a typical Lars von Trier.

Highlights: Charlotte Gainsbourg, the end-of-the-movie twist, finding a balance in life
Negative Aspects: movies have their lengths,

9 out of 10 stab wounds