Four boys and a set of dice open the story of Stranger Things. It’s getting late and after hours of DnD the pre-Teens leave for dinner at their homes. All arrive home safely, except for Will. Riding his bike, he gets taken by something dark, something strange, something the audience is not allowed to see just yet. The story begins to unravel as the main characters start searching for the boy.

My two cents

Strange, Stranger, Eleven. I first encountered this series by browsing through blogs referencing the amazing X-Files chronicles. I have to admit, it were the gifs, stills and behind the scenes material that made me curious. Did they really turn Stephen King’s “The Body” into a series? It it going to be a remake of E.T.? Yes and no. Stranger things is so much more than just references to the past, but then again, that’s exactly what makes it so interesting and fascinating to watch. A major cliffhanger after each episode makes it the perfect binge material.

9 out of 10 stab wounds