This title kind of suggests a love story. “The” boy, a special one, maybe the one for a girl. But it’s not. In fact, it’s not even about a boy but rather a beautiful yet scary china doll. If you now feel like its Chucky turning round his head all over again you’re right and wrong at the same time.

Young and crushed Greta flees from a violent relationship in America to an au-pair job in Great Britain. A wealthy elderly couple invite her to their mansion and employ her to take care of their son while they are gone for holidays. When Greta finds out about the “son” actually being a doll, she decides to play along – acknowledging that the mother has a severe psychosis after her real son died at the age of 8. Expecting a relaxed time of “doll sitting” far off civilisation in an English shire (except for the grocery delivery once a week), that’s when strange things start to happen to Greta.

My Two Cents

The movie starts off as a classical supernatural case of haunted house with the addition of a haunted doll. We’ve seen it all, we know who calls if the phone is ringing and we know that there will be old pictures in the attic revealing a fucked up family story. Ouuukay. But when this part of the plot is done, the story breaks down to a simple, worldly explanation that is even scarier then what’s suggested by the paranormal jazz. Sometimes it’s just easier living a lie than facing reality.

Highlights: turning point of the plot, doll face, the “boy” is named Brahms, English vs. American accents

5 out of 10 stab wounds