The plot of The Visit is rather simple: Mommy wants to make a love holiday with her new boyfriend, puts her two kids on the train and sends them to spend a week with their grandparents. Sounds rather boring, right? There is only one thing that makes the story a little bit more interesting: the kids (Becca and Tyler) have never met their grandparents and Mommy hasn’t talked to them in years.

So, the two Teenies are excited to meet Popop and Nana for the first time, they are being picked up at the train station and driven to the remote farm house on the countryside, of course.As a millenial, Becca is naturally interested in media and wants to shoot a movie about her grandparents and the complicated relationship to her mother. Everything seems idyllic, everyone is happy – until strange things start to happen at night and the elderly couple doesn’t seem so nice after all.

My Two Cents

This is a rather unusual movie in the Horror genre and comes with a lot of comical moments. The fact that everything is more or less filmed with Becca’s hand-camera gives it a fresh perspective, right from the eyes of two silly but brave kids. Little Tyler’s wannabe street rap is too cute and at one point he decides to substitute swearwords for celebrity names (If he its his toe he would scream “Ah, Shakira!”).

Next to rather uncommon elements of scary movies, there is a lot of classical horror stuff in there. But even though the “forbidden basement”, the hand-camera and the remote farmhouse are an often used topic, it doesn’t make “The Visit” a flat movie. The fact that it combines a quite scary story (there is exactly one sentence that almost make me freak out) with a bit of a tongue-in-cheek narrative makes it a great and light watch on a foggy autumn evening.

8 out of 10 stab wounds