When a friend of mine introduced me to this sweet little horror-short, I learned that the fright is in the detail. In under three minutes, I would be out of my mind scared and would not look into the dark after turning off the lights for at least a week. What worked out so well in this Swedish independent short has now become a full-blown cinema movie with a complete plot and all.


Image: http://www.lightsoutmovie.com/#story


“Lights Out” starts with the greatly feared scene of the short right away (and isn’t that the very same female actor turning the light off-and-on?). Diana, the creature in the dark as we shall learn later on, kills a man within the first couple of minutes on Screen and the family of the deceased now has to cope with the death.

The psychologically unbalanced wife is unable to take care of her son Martin. Strange things happen at nights – a creature in the dark – and when Martin asks his mother who she’s talking to she just replies: “Oh, no one. Did we wake you?” – We?

After an incident Martin is taken care of by his Rock-Chick bigger sister Rebecca who left the family early to live (with a Ghost-poster in her bedroom and a bong on the coffee table) on her own. Together with her Metal-boyfriend, Rebecca finds out about her mother’s past in a mental clinic and her psychopathic childhood friend with a rare skin disease, Diana.

The twisted plot and the strong female character of Rebecca make this movie a true gem. Bit by bit the protagonists find out more about this evil spirit and thereby reveal their own family history. During the Grande Finale Metal-boyfriend takes care of little Martin and Rebecca gets right into ghost-hunting with a light-saber. What a refreshing haunting!

8 out of 10 stab wounds