While this Swedish independent does not really classify as anything horror, it sure has spooky moments and a rather devastating story. Mental disorder, neglect and family ties are the main themes revolving around the blond, kind 8-year old girl Christina, called “Ti”, and her mother Siri.


Photo: http://www.panora.se/filmer/flickan-mamman-och-demonerna


Siri and Ti are spending an idyllic holiday in on a Swedish island where Tamara lives. Tamara is Siri’s sister and a caring aunt for Ti who teaches her Aikdo-moves by the sea. Soon mother and daughter have to go back to Stockholm and that’s when things start to fall apart.

From bad to worse

Siri breaks up with her boyfriend and has to move to a small and affordable flat. Soon Ti finds out that something is different about her mother. She talks when no one else is in the room, behaves differently and dances to no music in the living room. When school starts it is Ti who tells her mother it’s time to leave for the first school day. Siri puts on her best dress, a bow for Ti’s hair and they’re good to go.

What no one sees from the outside world is that Siri is haunted by demons. Whatever she does, whatever decision she has to make, the demons are always there. They tell her to smash glass bowls on the kitchen floor, make weird phone calls or scare her away from the bathroom. What first is just a game to Ti, slowly becomes bitter reality with a grown-up unable to take care of her child anymore.

My two Cents

While there might be quite some movies on mental disorders, this one focuses on its impact on the micro-cosmos of your own four walls. It raises awareness for psychological illnesses and shows that they might be hard to detect and evaluate from the outside. Besides, it’s a movie for everyone and without special effects or gory horror moments – even the demons are just pale humans – it is suitable for children too.

8 out of 10 stab wounds