Exploring the meta-Level and breaking the fourth-wall is not really a classic feature of the horror genre. Except for gems such as Cabin In The Woods the onlooker is not often invited to take a step back and reflect on the plot of horror as such. Final Girls (2015) is now another welcome exception to that. By combining comedy and slasher, the movie gives you a runaround of what this genre really is about.

Movie within the Movie

Source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/HOv3-ntjHEY/maxresdefault.jpg

The movie starts as a classical teenage-slasher. Equipped with beer, drugs and a vibrant libido, a group of students go camping in a deep forest. No wait, stop. This is the beginning of “Camp Bloodbath”. This fictional 80s cult classic features the mother of Final Girls’ main protagonist Max (Taissa Farmiga – Shooting star with of AHS: Coven) as scream queen. Unfortunately, Max’ mother died a year ago and on the anniversary of her death, her friends take her to a double feature of the “Camp Bloodbath 1&2”. As fate willed, someone accidently sets the cinema on fire – the friends escape by slashing the screen and find themselves again within the movie (with regards from Last Action Hero).

Who dies last?

From now on, everything is about survival. And of course, virgins die last – or not at all. In the movie, Max and her friends meet the Bloodpath-protagistis, they go back and forth in time, have to bear flashbacks and deal with slow motion and black’n’white sequences. The accidential movie travellers have one big advantage: they already know the plot of the film. But how can they get out and prevent the others form dying (most of all Max’ mom who is somehow conserved in the movie)?

A Pop Mash-up

The movie explores slasher clishees, roasts the horror industry and deconstructs classical story lines. Some good laughts and a number of thrilling scenes make it an exceptional watch!

8 out of 10 stab wounds