“Nazi-Punks fuck off!” The mindset of the Dead Kennedys is revived by young, ambitious US-Punks looking for their first full-blown band tour. When a gig is cancelled, someone offers them a slot in a shady bar, frequented by Skins and the like. Desperate for audience, the group of friends performing under the moniker “The Ain’t Rights” agree and open their show with before-mentioned evergreen.

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Drugs and Murder

The Skins are suspicious but take the opening song quite well. It’s after the gig when the shit hits the fan. Guitarist Sam (Alia Shawkat) forgets her phone in the backstage room (i.e. the Green Room) and when her bandmate goes to get it, he accidently witnesses a murder and calls the police. The Skins are not happy about that and lock the whole band with an evil Bouncer and a gun into the green room. What they find there later rises some questions but gives our young punks a kind of advantage over the situation.

Punks vs. Skins

During the movie, the control over the situation switches between Punks and Skins. Weapons move from one hand to another and at times it’s not quite clear whether it’s better to stay in or break free of the green room. Even the Skin-leader who’s pulling the strings in the Background (Patrick Steward) seems the most reasonable dude when it comes to negotiating with fascists. Don’t trust anywone.

The claustrophobia in the green room and a number of gory scenes with shotguns and baseball bats position the film somewhere between psycho-thriller and slasher-movie.

8 out of 10 stab wounds