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Låt den rätte komma in (2008) /Let the right one in

If  you were bullied at school, had to play all alone in your backyard and were misunderstood by your family, you probably can sympathyise with Oscar. The 12-year-old boy grows up in the suburbs of Stockholm and leads a rather sad... Continue Reading →


Classical Horror with Vincent Price

The unmistakable voice of Vincent Price haunted me more than once after watching the following movies. Also his eyes, or more specifically, his eyebrows, are the stuff that nightmares are made off. Not only films, radio-shows and theater but also well known... Continue Reading →

Get Out (2017)

Meeting your sweetheart's parents for the very first time can be scary. But who would have guessed how frightening it actually got for the ambitious photographer Chris? We're living in a more or less tolerant society. Being openminded is modern... Continue Reading →

The Misandrists (2017)

Summer. The German countryside. Young women in school uniforms, playing tag in the field. The Misandrists (2017) opens on an idyllic landscape where an intimate kiss between two convent schoolgirls sets the scene. Make love furiously and femininely Despite expectations... Continue Reading →

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe (2016)

Who is this woman? How is a corpse so flawless despite being stonedead? “Tilden – Crematory and Morgue” works eagerly to find the cause of death and ends up finding more than wanted. Like father, like son The experienced coroner Thomas... Continue Reading →

Green Room (2015)

"Nazi-Punks fuck off!" The mindset of the Dead Kennedys is revived by young, ambitious US-Punks looking for their first full-blown band tour. When a gig is cancelled, someone offers them a slot in a shady bar, frequented by Skins and the... Continue Reading →

Final Girls (2015)

Exploring the meta-Level and breaking the fourth-wall is not really a classic feature of the horror genre. Except for gems such as Cabin In The Woods the onlooker is not often invited to take a step back and reflect on the plot... Continue Reading →

Flickan, Mamman och demonerna (2016)

While this Swedish independent does not really classify as anything horror, it sure has spooky moments and a rather devastating story. Mental disorder, neglect and family ties are the main themes revolving around the blond, kind 8-year old girl Christina,... Continue Reading →

Lights Out (2016)

When a friend of mine introduced me to this sweet little horror-short, I learned that the fright is in the detail. In under three minutes, I would be out of my mind scared and would not look into the dark... Continue Reading →

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