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The Misandrists (2017)

Summer. The German countryside. Young women in school uniforms, playing tag in the field. The Misandrists (2017) opens on an idyllic landscape where an intimate kiss between two convent schoolgirls sets the scene. Make love furiously and femininely Despite expectations... Continue Reading →


Final Girls (2015)

Exploring the meta-Level and breaking the fourth-wall is not really a classic feature of the horror genre. Except for gems such as Cabin In The Woods the onlooker is not often invited to take a step back and reflect on the plot... Continue Reading →

Cooties (2015)

Elijah Wood. He was not only one of the two boys playing "tomorrow's" acarde game in "Back To The Future II" but also Wilfred the dogs best friend. Oh yeah, and then there were some movies about big smelly feet... Continue Reading →

Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl (2014)

This piece of Austrian Horror/Science Fiction Movie deals with two young journalists - one writer, one tech-geeky film enthusiast - who get the assignment to interview the mysterious Echsenfriedl in the "Megacity Schwechat". Among adepts, he is known as a... Continue Reading →

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)

 Horror-Comedy. Supposed victims become murders. Hillbillys and Rednecks aren’t always the bad guys. 4 out of 10 stab wounds

The Penny Dreadful Picture Show (2013)

Drei Schauer-Kurzgeschichten in einem Doll-Party Kinosetting. Miss Penny bestellt sich übers Internet Dating-Seiten einen Foodball-Douche ins Privat Kino. Da dieser den Erwartungen nicht entspricht wird er nach der ersten Filmsequenz kurzerhand abgeschlachtet und an die Lakaien verfüttert. Aber Miss Penny... Continue Reading →

Sharknado 1-?

Sharknado (2013) Ok guys, this here is just for fun. No horror to be found anywhere, I promise. Highlight: Sharks attacking on land. You're save nowhere Negative Aspects: Story gets boring as soon as sharks start attacking 2 out... Continue Reading →

The Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

Charming spooky musical based on a B-Movie from the 60s. Great costumes, happy sing-alongs and Steve Martin. 8 von 10 Stichwunden

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