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Get Out (2017)

Meeting your sweetheart's parents for the very first time can be scary. But who would have guessed how frightening it actually got for the ambitious photographer Chris? We're living in a more or less tolerant society. Being openminded is modern... Continue Reading →


Flickan, Mamman och demonerna (2016)

While this Swedish independent does not really classify as anything horror, it sure has spooky moments and a rather devastating story. Mental disorder, neglect and family ties are the main themes revolving around the blond, kind 8-year old girl Christina,... Continue Reading →

Lights Out (2016)

When a friend of mine introduced me to this sweet little horror-short, I learned that the fright is in the detail. In under three minutes, I would be out of my mind scared and would not look into the dark... Continue Reading →


Delicious and spicy Loosely based on the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, this series takes the viewer on a culinary journey through murder and deviancy. Spiked with compelling storylines, garnished with a fascinating crime scenes and a served with a strong... Continue Reading →

Antichrist (2009)

This is a movie you have to watch twice. Twice, at least, because you will have your eyes closed for half of the movie the first time you see it. When the son of the namesless couple (Willem Dafoe and... Continue Reading →

In 3 Tagen bist du tot 1+2

In drei Tagen bist du tot (2006) "In 3 Tagen bist du tot" verkündet eine anonyme SMS der 18jährigen Nina. Und nicht nur ihr, sondern allen Freunden ihrer Clique. Offensichtlich ein schlechter Scherz zur soeben bestandenen Matura. Während der feuchtfröhlichen... Continue Reading →

Creep (2015)

Job Offer: Hand-held camera operator, Qualification: Friendly Face, Time Frame: 8h, Wage: 1000$. Would you take the job? Well, Aaron would and he drives to the mountain lodge of his new employer to walk home with one grand in his... Continue Reading →

The Visit (2015)

The plot of The Visit is rather simple: Mommy wants to make a love holiday with her new boyfriend, puts her two kids on the train and sends them to spend a week with their grandparents. Sounds rather boring, right?... Continue Reading →

Nymph()maniac (2013)

Did you know about the parallels between sex and fly fishing? I didn’t either. But ever since the Hannibal series, I wanted to learn something about the curious hobby. Is it more about the experience of getting up early, standing... Continue Reading →

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