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The Autopsy Of Jane Doe (2016)

Who is this woman? How is a corpse so flawless despite being stonedead? “Tilden – Crematory and Morgue” works eagerly to find the cause of death and ends up finding more than wanted. Like father, like son The experienced coroner Thomas... Continue Reading →


Green Room (2015)

"Nazi-Punks fuck off!" The mindset of the Dead Kennedys is revived by young, ambitious US-Punks looking for their first full-blown band tour. When a gig is cancelled, someone offers them a slot in a shady bar, frequented by Skins and the... Continue Reading →

Final Girls (2015)

Exploring the meta-Level and breaking the fourth-wall is not really a classic feature of the horror genre. Except for gems such as Cabin In The Woods the onlooker is not often invited to take a step back and reflect on the plot... Continue Reading →

It follows (2015)

How do you call paranoia that's not imaginary but actually very real - at least to you? You call "It Follows" and make it an outside-the-box Horror Movie. It's a story about a special kind of STD - if you... Continue Reading →

A girl walks home alone at night (2014)

What sounds like a typical young-woman-in-distress-horror-story turns out to be a quite unusual movie with a feminist agenda. The scene is set in a fictive, current day Iran - where rich women take X to party and poor men turn... Continue Reading →

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