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Cooties (2015)

Elijah Wood. He was not only one of the two boys playing "tomorrow's" acarde game in "Back To The Future II" but also Wilfred the dogs best friend. Oh yeah, and then there were some movies about big smelly feet... Continue Reading →


As Above So Below (2014)

Ever since I saw the poster of this movie in August somewhere in Nizza (oh, sweet summernights by the beach), I wanted to get a hold of this piece of celluloid. The religious-mysticism of the title and the blood red... Continue Reading →

Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl (2014)

This piece of Austrian Horror/Science Fiction Movie deals with two young journalists - one writer, one tech-geeky film enthusiast - who get the assignment to interview the mysterious Echsenfriedl in the "Megacity Schwechat". Among adepts, he is known as a... Continue Reading →

Rec 1 & 2

[Rec] 2007 Spanish Horror. For a news story a young journalist accompanies fireman at an operation. What first seems to be an everyday emergency turns out brutal. Facts Highlights: Characters are caught in quarantine - there is no way out... Continue Reading →

The Descent 1+2

The Descent (2005) Highlight: Strong female characters, Zombies in a cave, feeling of claustrophobia Negative Aspects: Seems there is gonna be a second part 8 out of 10 stab wounds   The Descent 2 (2009)

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