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Delicious and spicy Loosely based on the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, this series takes the viewer on a culinary journey through murder and deviancy. Spiked with compelling storylines, garnished with a fascinating crime scenes and a served with a strong... Continue Reading →


Antichrist (2009)

This is a movie you have to watch twice. Twice, at least, because you will have your eyes closed for half of the movie the first time you see it. When the son of the namesless couple (Willem Dafoe and... Continue Reading →

In 3 Tagen bist du tot 1+2

In drei Tagen bist du tot (2006) "In 3 Tagen bist du tot" verkündet eine anonyme SMS der 18jährigen Nina. Und nicht nur ihr, sondern allen Freunden ihrer Clique. Offensichtlich ein schlechter Scherz zur soeben bestandenen Matura. Während der feuchtfröhlichen... Continue Reading →

Blair Witch (2016)

The plot takes us back to the Black Hills Forest where we've already seen teenagers cry, scream and disappear. While the story promises to repeat itself, the circumstances are refreshingly different. We're now following the footsteps of Generation Y twenty-somethings... Continue Reading →

Creep (2015)

Job Offer: Hand-held camera operator, Qualification: Friendly Face, Time Frame: 8h, Wage: 1000$. Would you take the job? Well, Aaron would and he drives to the mountain lodge of his new employer to walk home with one grand in his... Continue Reading →

Stranger Things (2016)

Four boys and a set of dice open the story of Stranger Things. It's getting late and after hours of DnD the pre-Teens leave for dinner at their homes. All arrive home safely, except for Will. Riding his bike, he... Continue Reading →

The Boy (2016)

This title kind of suggests a love story. "The" boy, a special one, maybe the one for a girl. But it's not. In fact, it's not even about a boy but rather a beautiful yet scary china doll. If you... Continue Reading →

Deathgasm (2015)

This is the kind of movie that makes you come a little: Deathgasm. Three alienated high school students and a brütal as fuck metalhead start a band somewhere in New Zealand. In the centre of attention is young and misunderstood... Continue Reading →

Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971)

A Yuppie couple who lost all their money flees from Big Apple to a lonely Island. Leaving everything behind - the city, Jessica's mental illness and money issues. Together with a friend who shall help them cultivate the orchard, they... Continue Reading →

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