This blog is a collection of movies I loved, liked and didn’t like so much. I get my Horror inspiration from festivals (e.g. slashfilmfestival, sitges), other blogs and by randomly browsing new releaeses and old classics.

I found it time-consuming to watch trough a whole bunch of bad horror movies until finally finding some that met my eery and gory expectations. This blog came into being as a very personal collection and to help others decide for good movies to watch on different occasions (you may want to find some “Haunted House” stuff for your Halloween, a “Witch“-themed horror for Walpurgis, or how about a “Blast from the Past” for a simple Flashback Friday night?)

You never forget your first. Source:


Then again, I feel that in horror the continuum of “Bad Movie” and “Good Movie” is not so clear as elsewhere. A trashy slasher can be so much fun (see Gstettnsaga) while a really good psychothrill can be unbearable to watch (see Antichrist). So don’t exclude my little “Flop” section per se, but see what you can find and whether you agree with my rating.


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